About Us



Founded by experienced Respiratory Therapists, myasthmaguide.com is a website dedicated to promoting better community health by addressing common respiratory and breathing problems particularly Asthma and Allergies.

Our commitment:

Having worked with asthma patients within our local community, we decided to commit ourselves to finding a ways of educating and helping people understand simple, easy and cost effective ways of alleviating the basic and most common causes of asthma attacks, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Myasthmaguide.com is therefore aimed at being an informational resource where you can go and easily obtain simple advice, tips and guidance and other important information that you may need and use on a day to day basis to reduce risks of allergy exposures and other triggers of asthma.

Myasthmaguide.com exists through affiliate product sales and earnings from product purchased through our site help us in further developing and maintaining this website, providing more useful information and furthering our primary cause of Asthma education. Your support in purchasing products through myasthmaguide.com, sharing your personal experiences through our comments area and joining our discussion groups/forums will be a major contribution to this cause and much appreciated.

Medical Disclaimer:

It is however, important to for us to remind you that the advice, tips and/or any other information/resources provided on myasthmaguide.com is NOT meant to replace or constitute medical advice of your physician.  The materials and/or resources provided are ONLY meant for informational and educational purposes. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR MORE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT, CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF YOUR ASTHMA AND/ OR ALLERGIES.

Thank you.